How it works for Studiworkers

Studiwork is your platform for new job opportunities. Work for clients in your area in various fields of activity. Find jobs that suit you!



Register & verify yourself

Sign up with Studiwork as a job seeker by creating a Studiworker profile. This gives you access to all platform features.

To reliably receive your earned money, you need a Stripe account for the payouts. At the same time, you verify your profile in this step.

Don't worry, the setup takes only a few minutes and is free for you. We will guide you through the process.


Complete your profile

Make your profile stand out

With your registration, you have created a profile with the necessary details. To use Studiwork successfully, you now need to provide meaningful information about your skills.

Add tasks to your application profile, describe what you can do, and complete all other details to give potential clients an optimal impression of you.

When you then apply for a job, the client sees automatically the appropriate profile of you.

Upload a profile picture to make a good first impression.



You apply for jobs

In the job search, you will only be shown jobs that match your tasks and search criteria and to which you have not yet applied.

Like a job? Then apply directly online by clicking the Apply button in the job listing.

Clients now receive your profile details for review.


Getting acceptances

What happens after the application

For Studiworker jobs you have applied for using the "Apply Button," you will receive a direct notification from Studiwork if you are selected. You can view the job at any time in your profile.

Important: Confirm your participation as soon as possible to avoid losing the selection and another Studiworker getting your job.

You will not receive a notification if you are rejected.



Get in touch with the client

After receiving an acceptance for a Studiworker job, the communication with the client is crucial.

You can reach the client through the Studiwork chat in your account or through other contact details provided by the client.

Here, you can discuss all the further details about the job with the client.


Perform the job

Your job begins... and ends

After the agreement, you can get started. The work is carried out on a freelance, independent, or temporarily employed basis.

You are responsible for ensuring that the activity described is billed correctly for tax purposes. Please note our guidelines in the Studiworker FAQ before the job.

If your job is paid via Studipay, you issue an invoice directly on-site at the end of the job in your account. As soon as the client pays your invoice, the money is credited to you.

If you are paid in cash, you receive your payment directly on-site. In this case, you are responsible yourself for the correct billing.



Getting the next job

It is especially important to perform a job conscientiously. This includes punctuality and reliability in particular.

Your client will evaluate you after the job. Having many good ratings will help you secure future jobs and stand out among other Studiworkers.