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In the world of Studiwork, you will find personnel that always puts your business one step ahead of the competition.

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This is how personnel search works today

A traditional job advertisement is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Sure, even a blind chicken finds a grain of corn once in a while, but we offer our customers a modern service.

Studiwork presents your request to a suitable target group using a sophisticated system that is as individual as your needs. Personnel search in a nutshell. Targeted, effective, contemporary.

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Always one step ahead of your competition

Whether it's a personnel shortage, a short-term project, or the desire for growth that challenges you, our expertise will get you to your goal faster.

Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, or working from home? No matter where your candidate is needed, Studiwork is there for you nationwide.

Tailored personnel according to your needs saves time, money, and resources—exactly what you need to stay one step ahead of others.

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Our target group is your target group

Craftsmanship, commerce, IT, or the creative industry—no matter which sector you are in, different fields require different candidates. However, one constant remains—the desire for qualification to successfully lead your project to success.

Where else should you get more qualified personnel than on a platform for students and graduates? We offer you the best personnel from all fields. Experts for every task. Experienced assistants for challenging projects.

Wondering how to best hire your assistants?

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