How it works for clients

New to Studiwork? To ensure your first booking with us is a success, we'll show you the complete process in detail of a Studiworker job.


Create job

Create your job

At the start, you let our Studiworkers know when you need their help, what tasks they can do for you, and where your job will take place.

Decide how much your task is worth to you and set your own hourly rate for the task.

Decide whether you want to select your Studiworkers yourself or if you'd like Studiwork to arrange it for you.


Receiving applications

Your job is posted, applications come in

Your job is now online and has been sent to suitable Studiworkers in your area. This gives it the immediate attention it needs for quick feedback.

Studiworkers who want to complete your task will apply for your job.

Your personal information is only shared with the Studiworkers who will work for you.


Make your selection

Choosing the best applications

Review the applications, compare Studiworkers, and choose the best ones for your job.

Comprehensive profiles for each Studiworker and reviews from previous customers make the selection easy and quick.

For your next tasks, you will also see who has worked for you before and whom you have noted from previous tasks.

If you prefer, Studiwork can handle the selection for you, so you can relax after booking.


Studiworkers confirm

Studiworkers commit to their assignments

Your Studiworkers confirm the job promptly after selection, so you have a binding commitment. You don't need to confirm anything.

You can also see in each Studiworker's profile how long they typically take for this.

The already multiple award-winning Studiwork principle is based on years of experience in the placement field and ensures significantly higher reliability compared to similar service providers.


Get in touch

Make the necessary arrangements

Your Studiworkers can now be contacted, including through the Studiwork chat. You can contact your Studiworkers individually or send important information quickly and easily to everyone.

Additionally, your Studiworkers can also contact you using your provided contact details.

If you value privacy, you can set up the "Chat Only" feature, so you prefer to be contacted only through the Studiwork chat.


Job is completed

The Studiworkers carry out your order

For increased reliability, Studiwork reminds every Studiworker of the upcoming start of your job.

The Studiworkers complete your order, and you can relax.


Pay and rate the Studiworkers

Pay and rate the Studiworkers

If you have chosen to pay via Studipay, the Studiworker will issue you an invoice through the platform after the task is completed. You can view this in your profile, add a tip if desired, and settle the invoice. The invoice is finalized only with your payment. Payment is made with the payment method you have on file.

If you have chosen to pay in cash, the Studiworker will receive the agreed amount directly in cash. The service fee is not paid out to the Studiworker, but is collected by us 3 days after the task completion. If there were any issues with the task, you can immediately stop the collection of funds using the complaint feature in your profile.

You only have to pay for the actual working hours.

Were you impressed? Do something nice for your Studiworker and rate their work in your account. Additionally, you'll help yourself and other customers. It makes the selection process easier for other customers, and you can quickly find your favorites for your next job.