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Studiworkers provide fast and uncomplicated assistance with almost any imaginable tasks that challenge you in your personal life or professional career. You're in the right place if you're seeking competent help for a challenging day, recurring assistance in daily life, a special occasion, or a time-limited project.

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Studiwork charges a percentage service fee, which varies between 15% and 30% depending on the activity, type of assignment, and selected Studiworker. You can calculate your estimated total costs in advance. In the end, you only pay the actual accrued working hours.

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StudiTalents by Studiwork stands for smart and modern job advertisements that allow companies to find new employees effectively and quickly by reaching the right target audience directly. This is the right place if your company is looking for professionally qualified interns, working students, or graduates.


Create a classic job offer on our platform. You can already preview how your listing will look before your purchase.

  • Preview
  • 30 days duration

80 €

per Listing



Create a job offer for a link to an external page. Ideal if you want to use an existing ad and receive your applications in one place.

  • 30 days duration

80 €

per Link